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KOOSHOO has truly modernized the scrunchie category. As well as being the first 100% fair trade, plastic-free and zero waste scrunchies in the world, they also perform better than the scrunchies of yesteryear. Made of a gentle and breathable, supersoft organic cotton on the outside, perfectly scrunched around the stretchy tree rubber and organic cotton inner hair tie that made KOOSHOO famous, these beauties ensure an all-day, all-comfort hold. 


Just the right amount of scrunch (that’s the scientific term) provides volume and flair, while the vast and vibrant color selection will add a sense of joy to any outfit. Accountable to people and the planet at every stage of their life cycle, they are a waste-free solution built for a generation that expects better. Good design, good purpose, good hair.


• World’s first 100% fair trade plastic-free scrunchies
• Organic
• Biodegradable 
• Designed to last in your hair, but not in a landfill
• Gentle on hair
• Unisex 
• Fits most wrists
• Washable, reusable 
• Eco-friendly
• Vegan
• Comfy

Plastic Free Scrunchies

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