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A super powered bleach alternative. Oxi booster pods are great for brightening, whitening, and extra dirty jobs. Throw one in your laundry whenever you need a boost. Pair with any detergent for extra stain or smell fighting. Strip sheets and towels in your machine - no bath-tub needed. Pods are unscented.


Ingredients: Sodium carbonate (processing aid)*, sodium percarbonate (oxidant)*, poly(itaconic acid-co-AMPS) sodium salt (polymer)*, sodium citrate (chelating agent)*, alkoxylated alcohol (surfactant)*, sodium sulfate (processing aid)*, sodium silicate (chelating agent)*, tetraacetylethylenediamine (oxidant)*, subtilisin (enzyme), amylase (enzyme), water (solvent), polyvinyl alcohol§, titanium dioxide*§, trideceth-12§, sucrose*§, starch*§, benzisothiazolinone§, polyvinyl alcohol (synthetic water soluble film). *Denotes plant or mineral origin. §Denotes component of enzyme blend.


Pods will be shipped in compostable paper bags.

Oxi Booster Pods

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