“Born out of a passionate inquisitiveness about our place in the Cosmos, the idea for The Astral Planner began when I couldn’t find a planner that catered to that curiosity. I also needed a planner that provided the tools for achieving sustainable, all-encompassing wellness and organization, whilst complimenting my preference for monochromatic and minimal design. Now in its second year, The Astral Planner has become a steadfast, daily guide to people all over the world that use astrology as a supportive tool for self-discovery and self-development.” - Elena Bobysheva, Founder


The pursuit of purpose and passion, whilst approaching all aspects of life with every day courage, authenticity, and equanimity is the underlying theme of The Astral Planner brand. The 2022 Executive Daily Planner is an extension of that mission. The Astral Planner offers an aspirational framework for personal development by strengthening awareness of one’s inner wisdom, living an organized life that achieves a calm sense of being, and creating a life that is in alignment with one’s true calling.

Acknowledging that one can truly share their innate gifts when one is functioning at their optimal level of health, The Astral Planner daily pages have been intentionally designed to achieve a holistic sense of wholeness by tending to one’s body, mind, and soul. This means utilizing each day to its’ fullest by being strategic about our work and rest hours; prioritizing tasks and habits that move us closer to our goals; creating space and boundaries that protect our psychological well-being; achieving plentiful sleep; nourishing one’s body with awareness and intelligence; and practicing movement that rejuvenates and strengthens our body vessel.




  • A Brief History of Astrology

  • Aligning with the Harmonic Cycles of the Moon

  • Understanding the Phases of the Moon

  • Moon Phases and Themes

  • The Full Moons of 2022

  • Journey of the Zodiac

  • Zodiac Archetypes

  • Astrological Reference Guide and Chart

  • Greek and Roman Mythology Reference Guide

  • Planet Origins of the Days of the Week



  • The Foundation of Numerology

  • A Metaphysical Understanding of Numbers

  • The Significance of Your Life Path Number (and How to Calculate)

  • Your Destiny as a Numerical Value (and How to Calculate)

  • Synchronicities and Angel Numbers



  • Important Dates (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Travel, etc.)

  • Yearly Calendar with Monthly Intentions for 2022/2023

  • Life Assessment and Resolutions for each Major Life Area

  • My Favorite Moments and Accomplishments in 2022

  • Monthly Cover Pages with relevant information about the numerological energy, mythological history, birthstones, lunar phases, zodiac transits, and more pertaining to each specific month.

  • Monthly Calendar with Government Holidays, Important Eco Days, and Astrological Transits

  • Daily Pages

  • Income and Expense Tracker (Personal or Professional Use)

  • Refunds Tracker

  • Password and Username Log

  • Thoughts and Notes



  • Size: 7.5” in x 10.25” in (19 cm x 26 cm)

  • Pages: 396 pages (198 double sided pages)

  • Layout: Monthly, Daily

  • Cover: Premium Linen Hardcover with “2022” and “The Astral Planner - Executive Daily Planner” gold Foil Stamp.

  • Binding: Smyth sewn for strength and longevity with lay-flat binding for functionality and ease of use.

  • Material: 50 lb acid-free paper

  • Additions: x2 Ribbon Bookmarks, inside back pocket, and elastic closure.

  • Designed in: Chicago

2022 Astrological Executive Daily Planner

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